BIM Engineering

Unleash The

BIM Potential

Do you want to improve infrastructure building quality, significantly reduce infrastructural lifecycle costs, have a better understanding of design projects from beginning to end, optimize operational efficiency and increase occupancy and use rates?




We build BIM models with modular building blocks, these blocks contain a lot of information.

Design Data

The Level of Development LOD will tell you how far the design is.

Real-time Data

Sensor data will tell you whether this cable still meets its requirements

Phasing & Costing Data

Data of phase and costs throughout the lifecycle of all objects are added and maintained with dashboards.

Sustainability Data

Data that will go further than only materials, but also will tell what materials can be reused after the structure is at its end of life.

Looks To Kill

One Source of Data

We believe in information in a single location. Our BIM building blocks are all connected to a master database with all metadata provided. This means wherever, however a building block is visually shown, the data is always there!

Quality over Quantity

Built By Engineers

Our BIM models are built by actual engineers. This ensures that not only all the data is there but also that the data is correct. We combine all new ict infrastructure with all our know-how in the civil infrastructure projects we make.


BIM and VR? Always!

Our goal is to use the same data everywhere. This means that we will use our BIM model and data to make immersive experiences in our game engine BIM Play without extra coding!

See The Future In Action

See how you can use BIM in interactive applications, embrace the connected future with IoT lifecycle looped management or see our BIM projects